Working With Us

The Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs) provides industry and other interested organizations the opportunity to participate in the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) codes and standards. The Solar ABCs understands that it is critical to gather expertise from across the solar industry to develop successful PV codes and standards. Therefore, the Solar ABCs invites volunteer participants to get involved and play a vital role in enhancing the codes and standards for the solar industry. Participation will also garner unique opportunities to not only contribute to successful PV codes and standards but it will also expand professional networks and technical expertise. There are no fees or geographical restrictions associated with participating with the Solar ABCs codes and standards development and there are a variety of ways to participate.

Attend Stakeholder Webinar or Meeting and learn about key issues facing the PV codes and standards market.

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Co-fund a Solar ABCs Research Study

The Solar ABCs also provides industry and other interested organizations the opportunity to co-fund a Solar ABCs research study focused on a PV codes and standards issue. Furthermore, they will also have access to join other discussion panels, meetings, conference calls, webinars, and newsletters related to important PV codes and standards issues. The funding amount is based on the scope of work determined to achieve the goals and objectives of the selected research study. The Solar ABCs is committed to developing multiple funding partners because it facilitates a broader, national view of the issues and provides more objectivity on the analyses.

If you are interested in co-funding a research study, please contact Larry Sherwood at